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Phonics - The Building Blocks

You may have heard teachers speak about phonics and its importance in learning to read. Phonics is the relationship between the letters of the written language and the individual sounds of spoken..

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Gross Motor Ideas

Gross Motor is a term used often when referring to children’s physical development. It refers to those movements which require the whole body and which involve the large muscles of the body to p..

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Christmas Competition!

🎄 We’re having a competition! 🎄 To celebrate the holiday season, we’re holding a competition to win the following prizes: • 4 Books (Christmas Wombat, Diary of a Wombat,..

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Welcome to Inclusion Works

Educational Resources and Services

How We Help

Our vision is to be the lead organisation in the development and delivery of educational resources and services to enhance learning, development and inclusion for children.

Our advice and resources focus on children at the beginning of their education journey.

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Inclusion Tools

Inclusion Works! is focused on supporting inclusion for children in an educational environment. Every child has the right to start their education journey with a focus on their abilities and harnessing their innate joy of learning and discovery.

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Inclusion Library (IL)

The Inclusion Library is an affordable, flexible and supportive subscription based service that allows educators to access a wide range of resources along with support and advice around inclusion of ALL children.

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Resource Library For Families

Family Membership is an annual subscription that provides families with access to a wide range of educational resources to support the outcomes for their children by continuing to develop skills in line with educator or therapist recommendations in the home.

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This video will take you on a tour of Inclusion Works! Resource Library that holds thousands of educational resources available for you to borrow.