Family Membership

Family Membership

Families can access the library via membership.

Having a membership provides families with an opportunity to enhance the outcomes for their child/ren by continuing to develop skills in line with educator or therapist recommendations in the home.

Working together across the home, education and care and medical environment can improve learning outcomes for ALL.

Many items in the library are developed in kits with easy-to-follow instructions for parents, educators and therapists on how to extend the resources to work on milestone development for children. The resources are play based so your child is learning valuable skills whilst having fun.

The beauty of having a membership is that you do not have to purchase the items yourself. Resources cost hundreds of dollars but by borrowing them, you can use them when you need to and then return them. You can then borrow new resources in accordance with the needs of your child/ren. A very environmentally friendly option and cost-effective as well.

If your child/ren is in a care environment then you should ask if they are subscribers of Inclusion Works! or access any other services we provide. An inclusive environment will support your child/ren to achieve through a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Our experienced staff and volunteers develop new resources in line with current teaching practices and pedagogy.

For more information on becoming a subscriber

Phone: 1300 497 437


To browse and borrow resources online, you will need a Username and Password – Contact us to receive this. You have to be a member or subscriber to log on to the library.

Browse and Borrow here - Inclusion Works! Resource Library

We have prepared Tip Sheets for Searching, Requesting and Reserving resources online: