Inclusion Tools

Inclusion Works! is focused on supporting inclusion for children in an educational environment. Every child has the right to start their education journey with a focus on their abilities and harnessing their innate joy of learning and discovery.

Every educator – be they a teacher, parent, therapist or aid – should have access to support to enable them to educate, grow and develop the abilities of ALL the children in their care. We believe that with the right support, every educator can enhance the learning environment of children to achieve their full potential.

There are 9 key tools which we use as a framework to guide the discussion of Inclusion:

  1. Reflective Practice
  2. Environment
  3. Resources and Advice
  4. Equipment and Aids
  5. Educational Program
  6. Interests, Abilities, Learning Styles
  7. Additional Support
  8. Peer-to-Peer Support
  9. Community Support


Inclusion is about creating a welcoming and safe place where a sense of belonging and acceptance will provide the foundation for great learning. It can be applied to formal educational settings which are oversighted by the National Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework. Inclusion is also relevant in any other activity where participation is enhanced through a sense of belonging.