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Important Update: Adult Supervision Required


As part of internal processes, Noah’s Ark has just reviewed all its documentation in relation to the library and loaning of items.


As such there has been a change that we need to make you aware of. 

All of our resources including Specialist Equipment and Aids should be used under supervision of a responsible adult.  Regardless of the physical age of a child, it is important the adequate supervision is provided. 


All loans will be provided with the understanding that you have acknowledged this requirement and will actively undertake supervision or someone in your organisation will when children are using our resources, equipment or aids.


Our Services

Specialised Equipment and Resources for Kindergartens Program (SERK)

Proudly Funded and Sponsored by The Queensland and Commonwealth Governments

Noah’s Ark manages an educational resource library with specialised equipment that is available on loan and free of charge to Queensland Government approved kindergarten services that hold membership with one of five organisations approved as a Central Governing Body (CGB).

The extensive collection of resources is supported by information and advice that teachers can use to extend the experience for the educational development of the children in their Kindergarten sessions. Noah’s Ark offers outreach visits to assist services in their selection of resources, develop strategies for inclusion and create a professional partnership with the library to support quality inclusive education for all children.


Professional Educators Resource Library (PERL)

Supported by The Queensland Government, Department of Education and Training

Fee-for-service access to resources and advice

The Professional Educators Resource Library (PERL) draws on the experience, skill and knowledge of the team at Noah’s Ark over the past 40 years. The resources and advice available to subscribers builds on the collective focus of the team to capacity-build educators and improve educational outcomes for children.

PERL subscribers have access to a wide range of resources along with support and advice to assist in addressing the general capabilities of children.

PERL’s resources support services and schools engaging with children 0 to 8 years along developmental stages including those with:

  • developmental delays,
  • different abilities including additional needs, and
  • those from culturally and linguistically diverse or Indigenous backgrounds.


Family Membership

Supported by The Queensland Government, Department of Education and Training

Noah’s Ark’s Family Membership is an annual subscription which offers an extensive collection of resources supported by information and advice for families to extend experiences and learning goals for the educational development of children 0 – 8 years, including those with developmental delays, disabilities and special needs, and those from culturally and linguistically diverse or indigenous backgrounds.

Many resources are presented in kits with additional notes so that parents can use the resources to maximise the benefit for their child. The primary focus of the resources is on skill development for children with differing abilities and special needs, but all families are able to access the resources through membership.

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