We're updating the library!

We're updating the library!

On Monday night on the 18th of June we will be updating our online library database.

*Please do not access the library on Monday after 5pm until Tuesday morning as this will be when the update is happening. 

What will change? 

  • The appearance of the layout will be updated to be more fresh and modern

What will stay the same? 

  • The functionality of the library
  • Your login and password will not change
  • Browsing and reserving items will be done the same way as you would with the current library database 

We ask for your patience as we address any issues with the new system and ensure the library is functioning properly.  When the update is complete, we will be sending you more information about the changes. 

If you encounter any problems, please contact us on 1300 497 437 or email resources@inclusionworks.com.au